Yes You Can Thrive as a Single

Multiple times I have been blown away upon hearing from single men and women who made a massive change in the world around them. Instead of just waiting for their spouse or constantly looking for Mr. and Mrs. Right, these modern-day heroes were using their God-given potential and their much greater availability in that season to leave a legacy.

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I dream of a world where you and I serve the ones in need; be it here or far away. Hence, I dream we use this season to perfect our talents, to start a business, to sponsor a child to enable him to get a better education, to take the time to stop for the one in need and to smile at her. As a result, this world will not remain the same. It will become a better one.

That is why I created this SingleInfluencer blog. As single influencers, we need regular encouragement and inspiration to make it happen. As a long-time single, I would like to say to you: “Keep going, keep your hopes up!” God has still everything under control. Become a single influencer and change the world around you. You will be amazed how God will use you in a powerful way if you let him!

Single Influencer Portrait Picture

Cheers, David