What several hundreds of dollars left in a suitcase taught me about trust in my singleness.

Have you ever wondered why you’re net married yet? Don’t get crazy if you’re not married yet. There is hope. On a recent trip, I discovered how trust will make you love being single.

“Oops! I forgot to take the money out of my checked bag!”

Then I prayed: “God, please make sure that my envelope filled with money remains in my suitcase!”

Minutes ago while checking in my luggage, I forgot I had left the money for my entire two-week trip in Southeast Asia in my suitcase. The day before when I arrived in Bangkok, I put most of it into my big Samsonite suitcase that I left in the room locked. The next morning, I had to leave the hotel very early to get to the airport to fly to Cambodia. I was not thinking about the money anymore as I was trying to find out the best way to get to the airport by public transportation early in the morning.

Consequently, I was left with no other option than trusting because on the other side of security, I would not be able to go back to the check-in counter to reclaim my bag. I would have lost my flight if I did.

To my surprise, I remained calm. Sipping my caffè latte and enjoying a tasty banana muffin at the coffee shop in the airport concourse, I was amazed I was not further stressed.

“Is it because I desperately needed a vacation and felt that my emotional tank was at the lower side?”, I wondered. Maybe I was getting into an “I don’t care” mindset. It could have just been my fatigue or my relaxed vacation mood. Whatever it was, I decided to put my trust in God.

Don’t Get Crazy if You’re Not Married. All it Takes Is Trust.

This story reminded me of my experience as a single. In this long period of my life, I’ve come to realize that you need a lot of trust in God.

Have you wondered if one day you are going to find your perfectly matching person? It might not look promising anymore because it seems as you have missed too many opportunities.

I have wondered. Like me, you may be thinking: “I have no idea what’s happening!”

“Why did you not choose that person?”, your friends might ask. “He was a great guy!”, “she was a beautiful girl!”

One day my brother said: “I don’t get why you did not give it a try with the girl I will call Jennifer to avoid any embarrassments! She is great!” I was convinced I made the right decision. It might have seemed weird to him. I agree.

Nonetheless, if I am not at peace with starting a relationship, I am not going to try. I don’t think that the risk to hurt her is worth taking.

In those situations, I would love to put the “Nope still not married yet!” T-shirt. I know I’m not alone. I’m in good company. I am leading a happy single life. Many of you have had thoughts like “What is wrong with me?”, “Why am I still single if I’m such a great catch?”

Certainly, I need much trust to say “no,” hoping that I will have another opportunity. We tend to get more worried about it getting close to 30 years of age, between 30 and 40 even more. What happens once you are past 40 years and you are still single? Can you still hope as a Christian single that you will find someone and have a family one day?

I have heard many similar questions in my surroundings. I observe that a greater number of amazing men and women remain single until an advanced age.

Why? I don’t really know. If you have found a conclusive answer, please share it in the comments below.

You’re Not Stupid, You’re Wise.

I was still sipping my delicious coffee and thinking about what had just happened. How stupid is that! Leaving more than 500 dollars in a checked-in suitcase! Yes, it’s stupid! But I cannot think about every single detail. I am still human.

Waiting for a long time before getting married may seem stupid to many of your friends, colleagues or worse your siblings and your parents. You may feel stupid.

Let me pause here for a second. Listen carefully to my words that follow.


Congratulations on your courage to remain single and to do your best to live a happy single life. I know you have to pay a huge price to go for the more difficult option. It takes courage to keep waiting for your husband or your wife.


The other day I discussed it with a friend. Also a single, she said: “It’s easy to find somebody. But it’s not the goal to find just somebody.”

There is so much more to relationship and marriage. To me, it’s about living together for a dream, not just finding somebody to be with.

Why not make the world better together? How great is it if two are united in faith and vision? How different our workplaces and cities would be if that was the case for most of us! That’s what I am reaching for — not just anyone, but my soulmate who will enable me to become a purposeful husband. You need someone who will make you better.

Don’t Get Crazy, Trust.

Now, finding someone who qualifies for that kind of major league is much more challenging. Statistically thinking it’s less likely that you know him or her already. But trust because God can bring that person, the perfect match into your life. What does the Bible say?

Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added to you. Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow.

Matthew 6:33–34

Shall we worry! Not at all.


Jesus says: “Trust!” God will act on your behalf. Putting your face in God will change how you think. He says: “Therefore.” Faith means believing in God’s greatness, in His power, in His unlimited resources, in His supernatural provision, in His guidance, in His grace, in His mercy, and in His faithfulness.

Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life.

Matthew 6:25

Let’s come back to my story of the 500 dollars. During the entire trip, I did trust and remained relaxed.

When my suitcase finally appeared on the baggage reclaim belt at Siem Reap Cambodia, I opened it immediately, expecting to see the white envelope. I shuffled through the clothes inside the suitcase and touched the white envelope I had been thinking about during the trip. The entire amount and all my various cards were still there! What a relieve it was! Thank you, Jesus!

Purposeful Single

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